We Are Taking Emergency Appointments Only

As much concern is spreading involving the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have made the decision that, for the time being, we will be taking appointments only for dental emergency needs. Please call (502) 799-4096 to make your appointment. 

We want to inform you of the steps that we are taking in protecting our patients and staff through this time. Many of our everyday routine practices that are already in place provide a very safe and clean environment. Our team utilizes gloves, masks and clinic jackets throughout every appointment. Following each patient visit, we thoroughly spray and disinfect any area the patient came in contact with including the patient chair as well as all tools and instruments used. In addition to our regular routine of cleaning, we have hand sanitizer available throughout every common area as well as in our offices, and we have closed our waiting room.

If you are having a dental emergency and need to come in for an appointment, you will be asked to call when you arrive and we will notify you when we are ready for you to enter the office. At this time our staff is very limited, and you may only meet with Dr. Beckham. Due to this, we cannot accept any companions, all patients must arrive individually for their appointment. Upon arrival, patients will be asked to sanitize their hands and their temperature will be taken. As long as there are no symptoms present, the patient will be seen. 

You can do your part by having excellent hand hygiene. Frequently washing your hands for 20-30 seconds with soap and water is recommended. Hand-to-hand contact should be limited as much as possible. Our staff follows a ‘sick’ policy that requires them to stay at home and seek care if they are feeling ill or running a fever. Staff are not allowed to return to work until their fever has been gone for 24 hours. We ask that our patients will follow this policy as well, especially when concerning their upcoming visits. Please let us know prior to your scheduled appointment if you have traveled outside of the country in the last 30 days or have been in contact with someone who has.

As always, the well-being of our staff and patients is our number one priority. Throughout this time, we want to continue to provide you with the best possible dental care to keep your smile on the right track. We will continue to provide exceptional dental care to each patient and do our part to help maintain your oral health. We will stay committed to helping you, and we look forward to seeing you at your next visit!