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Please note that our office will be closed from September 13th-18th.

Please note that our office will be closed from September 13th-18th.

A dental emergency can come at any time and it usually happens when least expected. If this does occur, it’s important to call Dr. Beckham right away. She could possibly save your tooth from further damage or save a broken tooth if you get in quickly.

A toothache is a common dental emergency. Many times, people wait until the tooth pain is unbearable to call the dentist. Tooth pain is something that should not be ignored. If you can catch a tooth problem early, it could save your tooth from further damage and also save you from having a costly repair.

If you have a toothache, there are some things you can try while waiting to get into the office for an appointment. First, flossing around the tooth that is experiencing pain can help dislodge food that may be caught in your mouth irritating the tooth and causing the pain. Next, you can try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water. This can help with infection and also help to relieve pain. In addition, you can apply a cold compress on the outside of your mouth if you are experiencing swelling. The best option is to see Dr. Beckham and find the reason for the pain. She will work to find the cause of the pain and also help you get relief.

If you have a dental emergency in Louisville, KY, call our office today! We will work to get you in quickly. During your emergency exam, Dr. Christina Beckham will examine your problem area and help diagnose the problem to treat the pain. Don’t let tooth pain go untreated! Call us today to get the care you need.

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