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Please note that our office will be closed from September 13th-18th.

Please note that our office will be closed from September 13th-18th.

Tooth removal sometimes is necessary when your tooth cannot be saved. A tooth can become deeply infected or damaged beyond repair. Rather than trying to leave the existing tooth, it is sometimes better to remove it and save the surrounding teeth from being infected as well. Removing one tooth can sometimes save several of your other teeth and be the best thing for your smile.

At J-Town Comprehensive Dental Center, we can make you comfortable during a tooth removal if the procedure is needed. Sedation dentistry is offered as a great option to help you feel completely comfortable during the entire appointment. Before your tooth is removed, Dr. Christina Beckham will make sure your gums are numbed and you are ready to begin. The sedation will be administered and in effect before the tooth is carefully removed. Once the tooth is successfully removed, you will be informed that the appointment is over. You may need a driver to come along for the visit to help bring you home.

If, after the tooth is removed, you would like to fill in the gap from the missing tooth, Dr. Beckham can discuss treatment options with you. She will go over the best possible ways to fill in the gap and replace your tooth.

Are you in need of an extraction in Louisville, KY? Call our office today to set up a consultation. We will work hard to give you the best care and the best experience possible.

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