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Please note that our office will be closed from September 13th-18th.

Please note that our office will be closed from September 13th-18th.

There’s a good chance that you or someone you know has a tooth filling. Tooth fillings are commonly used to fill in cavities to keep teeth from decaying further. Fillings can save an existing tooth from further damage and the filling can last for years with proper care. Fillings are a great way to keep your teeth from becoming damaged beyond repair. If caught early, a filling can really make the difference in tooth decay.

Did you know fillings are not only used to fill in cavities? Tooth fillings can also be used to improve the appearance of a damaged or cracked tooth by filling in the cracks or chips in the teeth. This not only helps the appearance of the tooth, but also saves it from further damage. The composite resin material used in fillings is tooth-colored and will blend in with your existing teeth. Fillings can make the difference in your smile and ultimately save a tooth from further damage.

If you are interested in fillings in Louisville, KY, give us a call! At J-Town Comprehensive Dental Center, we will work to give you the care you need. You can set up a consultation to see if fillings are right for your smile. Fillings can really make the difference and save your teeth from severe damage down the road.

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