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Please note that our office will be closed from September 13th-18th.

Please note that our office will be closed from September 13th-18th.

If you experience a fear of the dentist or put off going to the dentist because of feelings of anxiety, sedation dentistry can completely change the way you look at your dental appointments. Many suffer from dental stress or just don’t look forward to their dental exams. Consequently, this causes many to completely avoid the dentist altogether and skip routine dental exams. This can lead to more serious dental problems later on, as small dental issues cannot be detected and addressed before they grow into larger problems. This is where sedation dentistry can help you feel at ease during any dental visit. Whether a short exam or a lengthy procedure, sedation will keep you relaxed during the entire appointment. Sedation doesn’t just have to be used for the lengthy appointments and treatment. Sedation can be used at any appointment to simply help you feel more comfortable.

Our office offers two types of sedation – oral sedation and nitrous sedation. Oral sedation is administered in pill form. Within minutes of taking the sedation pills, you will begin to feel deeply relaxed and at ease. The oral sedation lasts hours and will not wear off during your appointment. With the oral sedation, a driver is recommended to help you get home after the procedure is complete.

The second type of sedation we offer is nitrous sedation – also known as laughing gas. This sedation is given through a mask. Nitrous sedation goes to work right away and you’ll almost immediately begin to feel at ease. Dr. Beckham will make sure you’re completely comfortable before beginning the appointment and this sedation will not wear off until the mask is removed. Once the mask is taken off, the sedation will wear off within minutes. With nitrous sedation, you will be okay to drive before you walk out of the office.

If you are interested in sedation dentistry in Louisville, KY, your search can end at J-Town Comprehensive Dental Center. Give our office a call today to set up a consultation.

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